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Our Yoga Teaching Training Testimonials

"There is too much to say. I will simply express my gratitude for all the learning - from our faculty to the cohort and even, heck, to myself. I am grateful for Rachel's love of anatomy, David's guidance in helping discover the pelvic floor, Fiji's chakra knowledge , and Tracey's simple approach to yoga philosophy. I have loved every minute of it. I am looking forward to letting it all soak in and when I practice any of the amazing parts of yoga, notice all the little new things I know, see them grow and smile.

- Anaïs, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Music Teacher and Singer

"The YTT is a fabulous program. The training materials are well organized and thorough. Any of my questions and technical issues were answered and resolved quickly. I'm pretty much a beginner practitioner, but the physical practice is accessible and I feel like my practice will deepen with the new challenges. I was hesitant at first to do an on-line YTT but with my full and busy life, it was my best choice for pursuing my yoga goals. I couldn't be happier with how this is going with DYWM and grateful for the staff's efforts in creating this program. I'm looking forward to the retreat."

- Connie, Pharmaceutical Quality Manager, NJ, USA

"As a corporate executive, there would be no other way for me to pursue a deeper connection with my yoga practice than online. I anticipated that I would have to proceed at a rather jagged pace and that has proven to be the case. This allows me to fit in the training in accord with my very demanding schedule, even on vacation. DYWM YTT is of the highest caliber of educational programming and all of the presenters are superior instructors. It occurs to me that this is the very definition of yin/yang: the ancient art of yoga being offered using the most modern technology. The Vedas would be proud and amazed!"

Karen, VP & Senior Counsel, Georgia, USA

"I want to share how grateful I am to all the team for making this course such a positive experience. I have learned so much and my confidence and teaching ability have rocketed. I now teach more than once a week and my student base is growing.  The amount if support I have received from faculty throughout the course has been superb. Special mention to Rachel. Her teaching style is excellent, and her enthusiasm infectious.  This is a fine lineage to come from.

Best wishes and many thanks" 

- Kate, Paramedic and Yoga Teacher, London, England

"I am currently enrolled in DoYogaWithMe’s teacher training. I love how knowledgeable and approachable the instructors are. Not only do the teachers have so much valuable information to offer, they are very open to answering questions from students; it’s clear the instructors leading this training love what they do and want to help spread the awesomeness that yoga has to offer! I am already a certified yoga teacher, but I chose to do this training because I knew how beneficial it would be for my personal growth and improvement as both a student and a teacher.

In my cohort group, there is a variety of experience levels. There are longtime yoga practitioners as well as students who are newer to the practice. This training is for anyone who loves yoga, whether or not you plan to teach! I definitely recommend this training."

- Christine, Teacher, Ohio, USA

"DYWM Teacher Training has helped me to deepen my personal practice through gaining a better foundation in all aspects of yoga - the history, anatomy, meditation, pranayama, and higher/spiritual aspects. The courses have provided me with the tools to begin teaching calming meditations and crafting a class for students through effective cuing and sequencing while focusing on each student's unique anatomy. Being part of a cohort has allowed me stay on track with my coursework and provided a group of peers to learn, share, and grow with. Thanks so much for this training"

- Julie, Pharmacist, TN, USA

"It was everything I hoped for and more. The support was incredible and the online resources outstanding. It was fun, informative and transformative and I was able to do this from the comfort and convenience of my study in England. Thank you for making this a possibility."

Naomi, Personal Training, London, England

"I am excited at each lessons end for the next one. I can’t get to the next course fast enough at times but it is always waiting for me when I do and so are the teachers and students. Each lesson is a surprise. The surprises come from the different teaching styles of the different instructors and the very unique and dynamic ways they connect with us through videos and e-communications. I am so certain I am in a learning community that wants me to practice yoga in the most intelligent way possible; and I am so certain I am in a learning community that is going to make sure I teach yoga in the most intelligent way possible too. That is very reassuring as I do the lessons at strange hours of the day and night many provinces away but the teachers and the teachings always feels super close and I always feel super connected. Do Yoga with Me is a fun, skillful and thoroughly encouraging learning community and I am so glad to be part of it. I can’t wait to meet everyone person-to-person in Course 3!"

- Jacqui, Crisis Intervention Worker, Ontario, Canada

"Well, I can't quite believe that this journey is over and I'm not sure I have the words to express how I feel! I started this program back in September because I felt I needed to challenge myself and I wanted to learn more about yoga. While achieving those goals, the program also served as a lifeline and grounding center during the incredible challenge of teaching through the pandemic. 

I am so incredibly grateful to the amazing teachers who have shared their gifts and knowledge through all of the courses in the program.  I have enjoyed learning about yoga's history, the connection to anatomy, the subtle body and how it all ties together on the mat. I certainly got to work outside my comfort zone in creating the videos for the assessment! I am also grateful for my fellow students and seeing your learning journeys in your reflections.

I look forward to continuing to learn!

Thank you!"

- Renee

"I am very happy that I choose to take the YTT with the DYWM team. It is exactly what I was expecting and even more. The curriculum is comprehensive yet easy to understood and paced in a way that allows you to follow, irrespectively of your previous experience. The online lectures are easy to follow even for somebody like me who is not a native English speaker. 

The knowledge and the experience of the instructors is evident but what gained my appreciation even more is how approachable they are every time that you may need them."

- Kyriaki, New York, USA

"When I was initially looking for Yoga Teacher Training programs, I wasn’t sure how well an online program would prepare me for teaching, but this program blew that doubt out of the water. I was given opportunities to practice my teaching skills throughout the training. Including assignments like the “Pose of the Week” that was studied in depth and then taught to myself or someone else. Many of the modules had activities that involved teaching a short sequence to a friend. Almost every virtual cohort meeting also involved teaching the other program participants. The program challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and practice my skills. When I completed it, I felt well-prepared and far more confident in my ability to teach yoga than I ever expected to be possible. I would recommend DYWM’s YTT to anyone who desires to take part in the wonderful tradition of teaching yoga."

- Alissa, USA