Our 200-Hr YTT Program

DoYogaWithMe's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will transform your personal practice, enrich your understanding of the yoga tradition, and prepare you to teach with confidence. Your growth is our priority; our program blends a flexible online experience with the essential faculty interaction, peer connection, and 1:1 coaching you need to grow and develop your personal teaching voice.

Designed by senior trainer Rachel Scott (E-RYT 500, YACEP, LMT, MSc), this comprehensive program is the only online YTT to have been developed by a professional educator with a Masters in online education to ensure you have the best experience. Your YTT includes access to interactive livestream practices with faculty as well as DoYogaWithMe's 1,000+ on-demand classes to fuel your growth and learning.

Program Overview

  • Levels 1 and 2: thirty-two online, self-paced courses totally 150 hours

  • Level 3: a 6-day, live, online program to help you take the seat of the teacher

  • 600+ pages of student materials and references

  • Livestream practices with faculty to get personalized feedback on your practice

  • Cohort group meetings help you skill-build and teach with confidence

  • 1-on-1 coaching with faculty to get personalized feedback on your growth

  • Lifetime access to all online material

  • Access to a training cohort where you can meet peers from all around the world

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Watch David and Rachel's most recent live info session that covers all you need to know about our 200-Hr Teacher Training and finishes with a Q&A. 

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Professional, Interactive Online Yoga Teacher Training

  • Designed to be online

    Our YTT program was created by an instructional designer with a Masters in Online Education, ensuring that you will receive the best learning experience possible.

  • High level of live interaction

    We love connecting with our students! We support you every step of the way with live sessions and ample opportunity for personalized feedback and support.

  • World-class faculty

    Together, our four teachers have 6 decades of teaching experience. Whether you're learning meditation from David, anatomy from Rachel, philosophy from Tracey, or the chakras from Fiji, you'll learn from the best.

Why We're Different

We're not like other online yoga schools. Here's why.

  • Student Experience: While our online training is chock full of information, it's offered in bite-sized chunks to maximize your ability to learn.

  • Program Quality: Our program meets and exceed Yoga Alliance requirements to provide you with an excellent learning experience.

  • Ability to Connect: Our cohort experience means that you will take this journey with peers from around the world.

  • Intention: Designed to be online, our program provides you with the optimal combination of flexibility and personalized feedback.

  • Lifetime Access: As long as our YTT program exists, you will always have access to the content.

  • Enroll Risk-Free: Cancel within 30 days of your cohort start date and receive a 100% refund.

Video Testimonials

Click below for video and written testimonials from some of our graduates


  • Is this online yoga teacher training Yoga Alliance approved in the US?

    Yes. We are a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, ID 238368. Our program was first created as an in-person training, then developed for the online space by our program director and instructional designer, Rachel Scott. We do want to advise all prospective students that the landscape for online yoga teacher training is shifting. As of 2019, Yoga Alliance did not register online yoga teacher training. However, the necessity to adapt for COVID has shown us that online yoga teacher training is not only possible, it can even offer advantages over in-person programs. You should be aware that Yoga Alliance may change their requirements for online teacher training in the future, which may impact if we choose to stay a member. You should be aware that Yoga Alliance currently offers no guidelines for online yoga teacher training, so the programs out there really run the gamut in quality. Our program director holds a Masters in Online Education, and has developed the DoYogaWithMe Program to meet university standards.

  • Can I teach with this yoga teacher certification?

    Yes! Absolutely. You will be certified to teach and will have earned your 200-Hour Yoga Teaching Certification after you successfully complete Level 3 and you will be able to apply for insurance for teaching yoga. However, we strongly recommend that you also complete Level 4, which is our final, in-person retreat. In Level 4, you will learn the essential in-person skills that are simply not possible to teach online, such as hands on assists, demonstrations, and personal presence. When you complete Level 4, you will earn your 250-Hour DoYogaWithMe Teaching Certification.

  • Can I preview the program and curriculum to get a sense of it?

    Yes, you can take our Level 1 Orientation, which provides a thorough overview of the online yoga teacher training program. You can find it our All Courses page.

  • How are lessons delivered and how will you assess my teaching?

    Course lessons in Level 1 and Level 2 are delivered through a combination of online videos, interactive worksheets, readings, and multiple choice quizzes. Level 3 courses are delivered in person online, where you will do practices, asana labs, small group activities, and practice teaching. Every online yoga teacher training course that you take in Level 1 and Level 2 includes a multiple choice exam that is designed to reinforce your learning. At the end of Level 1 and Level 2, you take a cumulative online exam as well as submit teaching videos and sequences to our lead faculty for review. You will then have a personal 1:1 meeting with faculty to review your work, see what you are doing well, and identify learning opportunities. In Level 3, we work with you in real-time for 40 hours to hone and integrate your teaching skills in preparation for your 200-hour practicum. The final practicum in Level 3 consists of you teaching live for about 20 minutes. This is an amazing - and exciting - opportunity to share your teaching in real time with faculty and peers.

  • What if I enroll, but then need to defer or take more time in the program?

    We understand that life sometimes can throw you a curveball! If you need to defer your start date - or if you are in a training and need more time - then just let us know. We are happy to move your enrollment to a subsequent cohort. We believe this online yoga teacher training should support your life and well-being - not be a cause of stress!

  • What style or styles of yoga will be taught and will I learn to teach?

    In this program, you will learn to sequence and teach practices in the hatha and vinyasa style. From this starting point, you will have a strong foundation in understanding alignment, asana, peak pose sequencing, transitions, breathwork and the many tools that go into creating a class “style.” This foundation will be a launching pad for you to safely and confidently develop your own unique teaching voice and style.

  • How long does it take to complete the online yoga teacher training program?

    If you join a Cohort and stay on schedule, you can complete Level 1-3 (and earn your 200-hour yoga teacher certification) in 9 months. For example, if you start Level 1 in January, you could begin Level 2 in May and take your Level 3 in September. Level 4, to complete your 250 hours, is scheduled on a yearly basis. However, you can take more time with the program if needed. If you choose to, we encourage students to complete the program within 18 months so that you can keep momentum in your learning.

  • What payment options and plans to you offer?

    We accept credit cards or PayPal. All prices are listed in US dollars and payments are converted to US dollars if paying with another currency. We also offer monthly payment plans that split the sum into smaller amounts so that you can pay over several months.

  • If the program is on-demand, what opportunities are there for faculty support and interaction with other students?

    We believe faculty interaction and feedback is crucial to learning. There are many ways to connect with your faculty during your program: - Submit a question to the individual course's Q&A discussion or reflection section 1) Email faculty directly 2) Contact faculty through your cohort 3) Set up a free 1:1 with your Program Director, anytime 4) Receive personalized feedback at the end of each level when you submit your assessment (each session is about 45 minutes to an hour with faculty 1:1) 5) During the Level 3 online, live program (40 hours) 6) During the Level 4 in-person retreat (50 hours)

Meet Our Program Director

Why You're In Good Hands

Our Program Director, Rachel Scott, is not only one of our beloved yoga teachers, she is also a professional instructional designer who has worked with universities and graduate schools to develop online education.

As the designer of the DoYogaWithMe Online Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program, she has brought her academic expertise, teacher training experience, and passion for yoga together to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

Here are some highlights about Rachel:

  • MSc in Instructional Systems and Learning Technology with additional professional certifications in Online Quality Learning (QM Matters)
  • Has been creating and leading teacher trainings since 2007.
  • Has over 4,000 hours leading yoga trainings under her belt.
  • Created and directed the teacher training department for a national yoga company for more than seven years.
  • International presenter and yoga expert at conferences such as Wanderlust, Northwest Yoga Conference, Omega, Embodied Yoga Conference, and more. 
  • Author of five published books.
  • Expert contributor to periodicals such as the Huffington Post, Yoga International, and YogaU Online.

Answers to your Questions

Our program designer, Rachel Scott, filmed a series of videos where she answers the common questions students have when pursuing a YTT. Click below to watch them.

Student Testimonials


New York, USA

"I am very happy that I chose to take the YTT with the DYWM team. It is exactly what I was expecting and even more. The curriculum is comprehensive yet easy to understood and paced in a way that allows you to follow, irrespectively of your previous experience. The online lectures are easy to follow even for somebody like me who is not a native English speaker. The knowledge and the experience of the instructors is evident but what gained my appreciation even more is how approachable they are every time that you may need them."


VP & Senior Counsel, Georgia, USA

"As a corporate executive, there would be no other way for me to pursue a deeper connection with my yoga practice than online. I anticipated that I would have to proceed at a rather jagged pace and that has proven to be the case. This allows me to fit in the training in accord with my very demanding schedule, even on vacation. DYWM YTT is of the highest caliber of educational programming and all of the presenters are superior instructors. It occurs to me that this is the very definition of yin/yang: the ancient art of yoga being offered using the most modern technology. The Vedas would be proud and amazed!"


250-HR Grad

"I have been telling anyone who would listen to me (unprompted), that the 200-hour training has been the best educational experience of my life. I have a lot of educational experience- two master's degrees, a PhD, spinning certification, plus experience teaching middle school, high school, college, graduate students and fitness. From start to finish this was without a doubt the most carefully planned, engaging, well-rounded course I have ever had the privilege to be a part of."


Personal Trainer, London, England

"It was everything I hoped for and more. The support was incredible and the online resources outstanding. It was fun, informative and transformative and I was able to do this from the comfort and convenience of my study in England. Thank you for making this a possibility!"


Crisis Intervention Worker, Ontario, Canada

"After each course, I can't get to the next one fast enough! Each lesson features the different teaching styles of the different instructors and the very unique and dynamic ways they connect with us through videos and e-communications. I am so certain I am in a learning community that wants me to practice yoga in the most intelligent way possible; and that I am in a learning community that is going to make sure I teach yoga in the most intelligent way possible. The teachers and the teachings always feels super close and I always feel super connected. Do Yoga with Me is a fun, skillful and thoroughly encouraging learning community and I am so glad to be part of it. I can’t wait to meet everyone person-to-person in the Level 4 Retreat!"


Pharmaceutical Manager, NJ, USA

"The YTT is a fabulous program. The training materials are well organized and thorough. Any of my questions and technical issues were answered and resolved quickly. The physical practice is accessible and I feel like my practice will deepen with the new challenges. I couldn't be happier with how this is going with DYWM and grateful for the staff's efforts in creating this program. I'm looking forward to the retreat."


Paramedic and Yoga Teacher, London, England

"I want to share how grateful I am to all the team for making this course such a positive experience. I have learned so much and my confidence and teaching ability have rocketed. I now teach more than once a week and my student base is growing. The amount if support I have received from faculty throughout the course has been superb. Special mention to Rachel. Her teaching style is excellent, and her enthusiasm infectious. This is a fine lineage to come from."


"I started this program back in September because I felt I needed to challenge myself and I wanted to learn more about yoga. I am so incredibly grateful to the amazing teachers who have shared their gifts and knowledge through all of the courses in the program. I have enjoyed learning about yoga's history, the connection to anatomy, the subtle body and how it all ties together on the mat. I certainly got to work outside my comfort zone in creating the videos for the assessment! I am also grateful for my fellow students and seeing your learning journeys in your reflections. I look forward to continuing to learn! Thank you!"


Teacher, Ohio, USA

"I am currently enrolled in DoYogaWithMe’s teacher training. I love how knowledgeable and approachable the instructors are. Not only do the teachers have so much valuable information to offer, they are very open to answering questions from students; it’s clear the instructors leading this training love what they do and want to help spread the awesomeness that yoga has to offer! I am already a certified yoga teacher, but I chose to do this training because I knew how beneficial it would be for my personal growth and improvement as both a student and a teacher. In my cohort group, there is a variety of experience levels. There are longtime yoga practitioners as well as students who are newer to the practice. This training is for anyone who loves yoga, whether or not you plan to teach! I definitely recommend this training."


Philadelphia, PA, USA, Music Teacher and Singer

"There is too much to say. I will simply express my gratitude for all the learning - from our faculty to the cohort and even, heck, to myself. I am grateful for Rachel's love of anatomy, David's guidance in helping discover the pelvic floor, Fiji's chakra knowledge , and Tracey's simple approach to yoga philosophy. I have loved every minute of it. I am looking forward to letting it all soak in and when I practice any of the amazing parts of yoga, notice all the little new things I know, see them grow and smile."

Live Online Level 3

After you have completed Level 1 and 2 online yoga teacher training, you will solidify everything you have learned in a live 50-hour Level 3 hosted through Zoom. The program will include deep practices, applied anatomy, sequencing projects, asana labs, and plenty of practice teaching to get you ready to take the seat of the teacher. At the successful completion of Level 3, you will earn your 200-Hour Basic Yoga Teacher Training Certification and be able to teach yoga.

Optional Elevate Your Teaching Retreat

Earn 50 Hours CE by completing our optional in-person retreat!

Benefits of Joining the Elevate Your Teaching Retreat

  • Essential skill building

    Learn the skills that are possible only in-person: hands on assists, advanced asana exploration (inversions), demonstrations, and teaching presence. Also, get the benefits of in-person faculty feedback on your practice and teaching.

  • Group learning

    Connect with peers from all over the world who are part of the DoYogaWithMe teacher training community. Not only will you learn and teach together; create connections that will support you beyond the training.

  • The retreat feel

    Take precious time to invest in yourself, your personal practice, and your passion for yoga. In addition to advancing your teaching, our well-balanced schedule gives you essential time for self-care and reflection.

Looking to Deepen But Not Become a Teacher?

Our Master Practitioner Program is for you

We created our 4-month Master Practitioner Program for those interested in a Yoga Teacher Training program but don't want to write exams or teach yoga. Just like our YTT, we run 3 Master Practitioner cohorts each year, in January, May and September. Click the button below to check them out.

Watch our recent MPP Info Session

Join Fiji and Tracey in this live info session that finishes with a Q&A. Click below to watch the Zoom recording of our latest one, on Oct. 24, 2023.