We All Struggle Sometimes

Are you living with anxiety and you don't know what to do to feel better? Are you struggling with all that is going on in the world? There are tools and practices that can help you, with the right guidance and support.
We All Struggle Sometimes

Learn to Let Go

This program addresses the human experience, regardless of color, gender or belief system. It helps you understand how to let go of the grip that anxiety has on your life, and it gives you the tools to move forward, feeling lighter and happier.
Learn to Let Go

Effective Daily Practices

Each day is designed to shift the habits and daily patterns that are keeping you stuck, by providing you with:

  • Effective practices that help you focus your mind and be more present

  • Meaningful questions that can create big shifts in your state of mind

  • Extra resources to help you expand on what you have learned

Intimate, Flexible and Interactive

  • Intimate

    The program helps you re-establish an intimate connection with yourself

  • Flexible

    It's designed so that you can proceed at your own pace

  • Supportive

    David and other students are present to share their thoughts and provide support

Remember What It Was Like to Be A Child?

This program reminds you of what it was like to experience the world as a child, with fresh eyes, intense curiosity and joy.
Remember What It Was Like to Be A Child?

Course curriculum

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  • 3
    Day 3: Perspective, Part II
    • What is My Default Way of Being?
  • 4
    Day 4: Perspective, Part III
    • What Happens When I Am Doing Nothing?
  • 5
    Day 5: Be With Yourself
    • Can I Simply Be With Myself?
  • 6
    Day 6: Be With Yourself, Part II
    • Beginner's Mind
  • 7
    Day 7: Be With Yourself, Part III
    • Simply Feel
  • 8
    Day 8: Be With Yourself, Part IV
    • Why Are You There?
  • 9
    Day 9: Be With Yourself, Part V
    • Bring It Into Your Everyday Life
  • 10
    Day 10: Who Do You Think You Are (Anyway)?!
    • Self Identity
  • 11
    Day 11: What About My Anxiety?
    • Your Anxiety Isn't All That Important
  • 12
    Day 12: What About My Anxiety, Part II
    • Resistance
  • 13
    Day 13: What About My Anxiety, Part III
    • Self-Love
  • 14
    Day 14: Freedom
    • Freedom From What Is Known
  • 15
    Day 15: Who Are You (Anyway)?
    • You Don't Need to Decide Who You Are
  • 16
    Day 16: The World Contains Infinite Beauty
    • Where Do You Find Beauty?
  • 17
    Day 17: You Are Not Alone
    • Don't Hide It Anymore
  • 18
    Day 18: Judgment
    • Burn it!
  • 19
    Day 19: Panic Attacks
    • Don't Try To Make Sense Of It
  • 20
    Day 20: There Are 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Stars In Our Universe
    • It Doesn't Really Matter
  • 21
    Day 21: Freedom, Part II
    • Freedom From What Is Known
  • 22
    Beyond This Program
    • Keep It Up!

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